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28 June 2011 @ 04:06 pm
r u l e s  

  • No bashing, flaming or trolling. Please be respectful towards your fellow members, otherwise you WILL be banned. No member drama either, please. If you have a problem with anybody, please either PM me about it or try to solve in on a separate PM on your own without bringing it in the community and getting everybody else involved.

  • No director/actor/disney bashing. Proper constructive criticism is fine and dandy, but any outright and aggresive hatred towards the people in production of this film just because you didn't like the it or something else about it is PROHIBITED and NOT ALLOWED. Something like that should be posted somewhere else, and NOT here.

  • Place all fanworks under an LJ cut. Please, please, PLEASE make sure you use an LJ cut properly when posting any icons, graphics, fanart and fanfics. You are also required to label your work properly before posting. I can't stress this enough either, but please, please, PLEASE use use these tags when posting anything. DO NOT make any new ones.

  • Keep all discussions on topic. Posting latest news with the voice actors regarding the film is allowed, but if you have news about the voice actors of the characters that have absolutely nothing to do with the film, please post it in their respective communities and NOT here. All talks, posts and discussions should only be related to the movie.